Listing your game in the forums!

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Listing your game in the forums!

Post by Oracle » Sat Nov 30, 2019 5:16 am

As a game creator, we’d like to offer you forum space right here!

However, first things first. You need to have an active registered nick and at least one registered play channel on this website. We realize it takes time to build up your game so at this time there are no restrictions on the number of players you need for us to give your game a place in the forums.

To get your game in the forums, email and include the following information:

1. Your (primary) registered nick on the server plus (primary) registered channel. Your nick MUST be the founder on said channel.

2. A description of your game: Please try to keep it to 300 words or less as it will fit in the forum categories better that way.

3. The title of your game (usually 2-5 words). This will be the name that is given to the category of your forum.

4. List up to 6 forums you’d like to have under your category. For example, you may want a forum for OOC chatter, another forum for general game play, another for character sheets, another for battle... so on and so forth. Each forum can have it’s own description which you should also keep at 300 words or less.

5. If you have any special requests, please include them in your email and we’ll do what we can.

You will have complete control over your forums (full moderator rights). To add other moderators to your forums, be sure to list them in your request. If you don’t have other moderators to be added immediately, you can email a request to have them added at a later date.

Furthermore, if you have questions. Please ask them in this thread, email or join #FFRP for help.

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